My Books

Bless My Child
Every mother prays, even if only, "Lord, give me patience!" Just as children need our love at every age, so too they always need our prayers. Challenged by her children's school principal asking, "If not us, who; if not here, where; if not now, when," Julie Cragon began praying specifically for each of her children. Just as children need our love at every age, so too they always need our prayers. Cragon provides prayers for every stage of their growth, beginning even before they are born and going all the way to the point when they are becoming moms or dads themselves.

Jesus at My Side: 365 Reflections on His Words (Our Sunday Visitor, 2012) provides readers with the words of Jesus Himself, combined with a short meditation and a prayer challenge – one for every day of the year. “This is not an interpretation of the Gospels,” stated Cragon, “but a meditation on what Jesus is saying to us today.” In the meditations, Cragon relates each one of Jesus’ quotes to something in her own life – children, work, relationships – and encourages readers to do the same.

Visiting Mary: Her U.S. Shrines and Their Graces
The Blessed Mother has appeared under many titles and under many different names. Each of Mary’s names and titles reflect a different aspect of her role in the life of the Church and in the lives of her children. Numerous shrines throughout North America have been built to facilitate devotion to Mary under her many titles and numerous graces, and author Julie Cragon has visited many of them with her family. She has discovered that at each site there is a special grace connected to the particular devotion associated with each individual shrine. In this book Cragon captures the experience of visiting these shrines, giving us a personal glimpse into each place. More than a travelogue, Visiting Mary is a book that encourages  devotion to Our Lady and helps readers to capture her graces in their daily lives.

Illustrated Lives of the Saints

From St. Agatha to St. Vincent de Paul, the lives of these 107 Saints are both informative and enlightening. Stories are told of men and women who emulate the love of Christ and the holiness of the Church. From the simple to the complex, these saints have walked the path of Jesus.  Their stories are filled with examples many of us can follow.   

Illustrated Book of Mary includes a page with a prayer and a page and a half of the history of Marian Apparitions and devotions from Our Lady of Grace to Our Lady of Altagracia. There are 30 different Marian stories along with popular Marian prayers including the Rosary, the Litany, the 54 day novena, first Saturday devotion and a list of the feast days of Mary. The Illustrations included in this book are from the Bonella line of Italian art.

Illustrated Book of Jesus includes a prayer and a page and a half of the Life of Jesus or the Titles of Jesus. 224 pages with full color pictures featuring the Stations of the Cross, Novenas, Prayers and much more.