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St. Henry

Well, lo and behold today is the Feast of St. Henry. Ya see, St. Henry is the name of our Church and our School and this Saint, who was a German King and Roman Emperor known to settle feuds and handle disturbances and win battles. He built Churches and strengthened the Faith. I'm sure he's been watching over our Parish all these years through thick and thin and I am grateful for his Patronage.
I grew up in St. Henry Parish and when my husband and I started having kids, we moved right back to this Parish that I loved as a child. I never really thought of St. Henry as a person, but as a community, as a family, as a group of people that I have grown up with and that continue to support and to love, to comfort and to teach.
I love my Parish. To all those past and present parishioners and to all my awesome alumnae friends, Happy Feast Day!


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