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Work Ethic

I noticed as I entered that there was a different girl to wash hair. Again? That's three in 3 or 4 months now. Hmmm. The talk started when more ladies arrived and noticed a "new" girl. "These young people just don't want to work." "Things are a lot different than they were in my day." "Young people just don't get it." I wanted to say, "Whoa there ladies! Let's not generalize." But, I stayed somewhat quiet. I did mention that I do not have many problems at our store with the ladies or the high school and college girls. I did mention that I believe that those who have a true belief it right and wrong seem to be more responsible when it comes to a work ethic. They seem not to leave others hanging and if they have to miss a day, they find a sub until they can get back. I did mention that I believe a certain amount of the work ethic comes from the examples set by the family. I did mention that part of being a Christian is just doing the right thing. "But the woman who was here talked about reading the Bible all the time." I stayed somewhat quiet. I did mention that reading the Bible and living God's Word are two totally different things. And, I speak to myself on that as well.
I hope and pray, that no one ever speaks about my children in this way. I hope and pray, that my children never feel they are entitled. No one should feel entitled. There is so much work to be done. (For this life and for the next.) If you are finished, if you are done or feel that you have "paid your dues", then take the time, accept the challenge, pass it on. Show up. Do the right thing. Follow through. Expect. Be there. And, for the sake of all that is right and just, help our society and hand it down.
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