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Fresh Fruits

Oh my goodness! I think that sometimes the people who write these meditations or who ordered the liturgical readings watch me as I move about in my life. Just so happens I have been praying for humility, trying to remember to give God the recognition due for anything that I may write or that may come wandering out of my mouth that touches another. After all, I have to light candles and pray to the Holy Spirit for the wisdom to have anything to say or write that is worthwhile and all who know me know that is true. Anyway, the meditation in the Magnificat yesterday was on self-forgetfulness and one specific thought really stuck in my mind. The thought is that self-forgetfulness frees the Spirit and enables Him to make progress within me. Then, then, then, and I love this part, "all the fruits of the Holy Spirit - 'charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, modesty, continency' - ripen and scent the air." Now, it's stuck in my mind that giving credit to God for anything that possibly makes a difference and that focusing on others will ripen the Fruits of the Spirit. I want that fruit to mature, to grow, to nourish, to become sweeter and less green, to come closer to completeness and perfection. How much better would this world be if we could actually smell the "scent in the air" of the ripening of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit? What a challenge to each of us to forget ourselves and to free the Spirit to enable Him to make progress! What a challenge for me to remember to give credit, if there be any, where credit is due, to our Great God. Today and every day, may we all seek to humble ourselves enough to aid in the ripening of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.
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