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Hardheaded, I'm Guessing

I am at Lake Barkley in Cadiz, KY at the Mid-South Leadership Conference. I have been coming and setting up tables with books and gifts to represent St. Mary's Bookstore for many years. Many years. This morning we all attended morning Mass in the Conference Center. As the lector was reading the first reading, a woodpecker began pecking on the outside wall. A loud knocking continued and all I could imagine was God rapping His knuckles on my head and saying, "Hey, hard head, are you listening? I'm speaking here. What do I have to do to get your attention?" Surely He wouldn't have to keep at it until he bored a hole in me but I was sure that woodpecker was coming through the wall. Now I'm thinking why in the world do I have to be so hard headed? Repent. Forgive. Say I'm sorry. Don't talk about others. Be on guard. And last but not least... Increase in Faith.
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