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Guess I Need To Get Used To It

Here are my oldest girls who found the need to try on some of Target's Halloween costumes and "Yes" I cracked up that they would climb into these outfits right in the aisle in the middle of Target. Many years have passed since I actually made the girls' costumes, whether a simple black cat or Peter Pan or an angel. Nowadays I just let them pick out something from one of the stores. I did paint a vest onto a shirt for my youngest this year and cut up some fishnet hose for her use on her arms as well as her legs. But, and here's the kicker, for the first time in 20 years, I did not take a child out for trick-or-treat. All three went with friends and the youngest spent the night out or I would have been with her. Ugh! I guess this is something I will need to get used to. My kids are growing up and do not quite need me for everything and I take that as a compliment. The oldest two can act crazy without me and the youngest ones can go out with their friends. They make their own lunches and almost handle their own homework and the oldest two run their owns lives. Mostly, they're comfortable being themselves and although it will be difficult for me as they each venture out and no longer need me, I'm good. Whether as hot dogs or odd birds or just themselves, I'm good.
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