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St. John the Baptist

I couldn't help but think about the loneliness of St. John today. His time out in the desert from when he was a young boy. And yet, we cannot help but think of his incredibly, selfless life. He was the first to express his joy over the presence of Jesus in his life. He welcomed all those who came to him in need. He made himself small so that Jesus could be seen clearly. He was so close to our Savior, yet instead of spending time with Him, he performed the tasks to bring others to Him. Oftentimes, we may feel like we are the only ones in a certain part of the journey in our faith. We may sound odd in our beliefs. We may be looked upon as trying to be goody-goodies. We may feel a pull to spend more time alone with our God. We may invite others and find empty stares. But, we can know today that we are not alone. There is one who is a quiet leader and who gives a perfect example. St. John the Baptist knows what it is like to feel alone and yet never be without the One who means everything. St. John knows what it is like to feel complete joy. He knows what it is to live his entire life for the One who gives Eternal life. What better example could we find then this one who we celebrate today. St. John the Baptist, be our guide. Lead us. Help us. Teach us your ways.
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