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This week I have been in Chicago with my husband meeting with vendors gathering product ideas to put into our church goods catalog for the 2011-2012 advertising year. I admit that I usually go home on Tuesday or Wednesday but decided to stay the full week because my two oldest daughters were home from college and could take care of the kids. Well, as usual, they came through with flying colors getting siblings to school and back and taking care of laundry and lunches and going out to dinner with my father. They helped out at the bookstore while the younger ones were in school and even got one to a 6 a.m. field trip on time. Now granted, when I got home there were plenty of stories and concerns and the girls were exhausted but they handled their responsibilities beautifully. I find it important in this world not just to give people responsibilities but also to let them handle those responsibilities, to actually take care of things. This, I believe, is what helps people to grow and to bond. If we as moms and dads and teachers and leaders are constantly doing for others and taking control of every situation, we are doing no favors for the continuation of a world or a home or a workplace of fully functioning adults. If they fall, they will learn. If they make mistakes, it can be fixed. If we do it for them, we never get rest. Our kids are amazing when they are allowed to prove themselves. I'm proud of my kids and I am glad to be home.
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