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Pay Attention Guys!

The readings leading up to this Holy Week are full of messages and even though we've heard them all our lives, we can still get something new every year. Or, we can just get something period. Now, I'm sorry, but come on guys! Pay attention! Jesus clearly tells Peter that the one who will betray Him is the one He hands the morsel after dipping. He hands it to Judas and they still just sit there. Get up and get him! He's going to have Jesus arrested and crucified. Wake up! And Peter, didn't you hear Him say you would deny Him? Then, why in the heck did you go ahead and do it?
All sounds terribly familiar to me today. I have not only heard the Gospel read every year but I have played the part of those not paying attention week after week, month after month. I can actually hear Him ask me to pay attention. I can clearly hear Him say that I will deny Him and He will forgive me anyway. I'm walking through this life so selfishly involved with my own needs that I cannot even pay attention to His words, His instructions, His simple explanations. The one He hands the morsel to. When the cock crows. It will all be clear after the Resurrection. And our eyes will be open. All these things He tells us and yet, we still have to pay attention.
As this Holy Week unfolds, I pray I can simply pay attention to His words, His silence, His message. It will all be made clear.
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