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April Fool's Day

No April Fool jokes on me yesterday. Not even by my children. I remember the years I would just wait for that day.
April Fool's Day 1976. In high school, a friend of mine brought to school a prop from her mother's theater group that had a hollowed out space in the center with a lighter hidden inside. What a great hand-me-down from a parent... hmmm. Anyway, I thought it was awesome and I was all in for lighting that baby up in English class. I figured it would be a great joke in an all girl private high school run by Dominican Sisters. (No brain) My friend was in no way gonna do it but I thought it would be a great April Fool's joke. All were seated and class began when I ran my finger down that lighter and struck up a flame. I started yappin and flappin that book around as if it were ablaze and good ole Ms. Orth just kept right on with her class. Some old English stuff "Wan in abril in the surest sota the root of march erst something something rota". Okay well that's what it sounded like. What! No reaction. Just class. I squirmed down in my seat and put the prop away and "saw her after class". Bummer. Guess the joke was on me.
Anyway, so my point is this. God Bless all those teachers who had to put up with my antics for all those years, especially on April Fool's Day. I'm sure there is a special place in Heaven for each and every one.
Anyone have any good jokes played on them yesterday?
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