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Don't Judge a Book...And I Know Better

I'm the first to tell my children that the people we witness in their jobs or in certain situations may be way different than we expect or assume. I watch a basketball coach in the SEC that I cannot stand to watch only because I enjoy watching SEC basketball no matter who's playing. I have a favorite of course, go Vandy, but I enjoy them all. But back to my least favorite coach. I really think of him as just wrong. I feel his team is always teetering on the edge of getting suspended and I feel he just does not make good decisions. He bugs me. Well......bugged -ed -ed me.

A couple of weeks ago a young couple came into the store that I truly admire. I love them as a matter of fact. Love being around them, talking to them, laughing with them and even worrying about them and crying with them. They are just the type that people love to be around because they are genuine. Anyway, to my point. We were talking and out of the blue they shared with me a message this particular coach left on their son's phone while he was battling cancer. Yes, this man took the time to call this boy and talk, not just for a minute, but for many minutes about his situation and another similar situation he had been around and calling back and talking to him, etc. etc. Unfortunately, their son was unable to respond and never got the chance to speak to the coach, but they told me the long-winded, sincere message and how much it meant to him and the rest of their family. Wow. I just openly admitted my judge of the coach instead of the man. Now, oddly enough, I think God set up that incident just to remind me that I have no idea who some of His people are and it's time I either find out or leave them out of the conversation. Who am I to judge that man by the information coming across the news or by watching him on TV? I know better and God had to waste a perfectly good opportunity for me to be a little more compassionate to these awesome people by having to let them set me straight. Again. Wow.

This Lent, for 40 full days, may I keep my mouth closed tight and my eyes wide open and my heart ready to love those You send. May I give more than I receive.
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