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I am Working, Just not on this Blog

An entire week without blogging is somewhat driving me crazy but I am finally finishing my next book and have been reading and writing the last draft to send to my editor. Ugh! My husband said last night that it's so nice to be around someone who always has a laptop in her lap, dragging around her Bible and her papers from one room to the next trying to act like she's listening to him. (or something like that. I'm not sure all he said because I was reading) So, my blog has really suffered this week and after this book is done I have to work on many more Saint biographies and finish up a youth prayer book I have been scooting around my office. But, hopefully I can go back to my routine of writing before and after work for a hour or so and not halfway through the night. I'm a little stressed. Okay, I'm crazed right now, but it's almost over. Hope to have something good to share here next week.
In the meantime, you should read this post about the confession phone app. It's hilarious.
Ask Sister Mary Martha: Swiss Army Phone
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