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New Website

My awesome brother-in-law put together my new website and I must say, he did a wonderful job. I need to get on board and learn more about working on it to keep it up to date but he has done all the work to get it this far. It is beautiful.
Let me just say this. Monty came to us from off the beaten path so to speak and fits into our family perfectly. When my brother Phillip died many years ago, I hoped my sister-in-law would still come to all our family gatherings and bring my niece and nephew, and she did. She never missed a beat. After she married Monty, I hoped for the same. They come to everything, together or separate, and are as much a part of our family as when my brother was here. These two people are incredible and Monty is as talented on the computer as Amy is in the classroom. I thank God for our family.
Check out my new site


His cool website is

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