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Our reading from Ecclesiastes today leaves me a little disheartened if I've read it correctly. Seems to me that there is technically no satisfaction to be found on this earth. What we do has already been done at some point and those who come after us can find no real benefit in anything we've left behind. Hmmm. Just two days ago a friend and co-worker sat with me while she ate lunch and confessed that she'd been thinking about what she was going to leave behind when she died. I had to admit that I'd never thought about it. Heck, I have some kids that surely might make some kind of imprint if they want to but I can't imagine we're raising any Nobel Peace Prize winners here. (I don't mean to x the possibility, they are pretty awesome kids, but let's be realistic) When we read the lives of Padre Pio and Mother Teresa we see that others found satisfaction through their lives of hearing confessions and feeding the poor and spreading the love of Christ but their satisfaction was not of this world. And maybe that is exactly what is being said to us today. This world cannot really satisfy. And if we honestly look around, we should be glad to hear that this world cannot satisfy. We can try for our own benefit to "leave something" but I believe all God expects is for us to love one another, really love one another and spread His Name so that others will love one another. Today, I hear Him say "Do not worry about satisfaction on this earth". Forget about the tangibles. He has something so much better waiting for us and we do not have to worry about leaving something behind. What's here is here. He alone satisfies. What about it? Ever worry about what mark you will leave here when called home?
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