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Monsignor George Rohling


My friend and former Pastor Msgr Rohling was buried today at the incredible age of 97, next month 98. He was an icon in the Nashville Diocese and one of the holiest men I've ever known. He was all about God, the Church, the priesthood and the family. He was definitely a people person. He had a gruff voice and as people told stories of him at his wake last night, they imitated his voice as they shared his marvelous life. One girl in particular, a "married into the family" great niece, shared her wedding day. When she told Msgr that she was not Catholic, he said, "Just a matter of time." He told the couple that when they looked in the mirror each morning, there were 4 important things to think about each day of their lives. 1. What can I do to serve God today? 2. What can I do for my spouse today? 3. What can I do for someone else? 4. What can I do for my vocation? Then she went on to say he gave his typical "GooGoo" sermon. He told the husband that every now and then (maybe once a week) stop by the 7-Eleven and pick your wife up a GooGoo (amazing candy bar started in Nashville) and a Dr. Pepper. When she asks, "Honey, why did you bring me a GooGoo and a Dr. Pepper?" tell her "Because it's Tuesday."
Msgr. Rohling will be missed but his wisdom and his hard work to build and refurbish several churches in the Nashville Diocese, his love for the Church, his vocation as a Parish Priest and his humor will last forever in our hearts. He was an amazing man.
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