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St. Maria Goretti


Today we remember the life of a young girl who upon the death of her father and a time of hardship for her family, cheerfully cared for her baby sister, cooked for her family, kept their house clean, prayed the rosary daily with her siblings and was a true example of holiness to everyone around her. Maria Goretti, at age 12, although attacked and stabbed 14 times, lived long enough to make a difference to her family, the people at the hospital, her confessor and the young man who killed her, Alessandro. Maria lived her life bringing others to Christ.
From today's readings we hear, "The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest." Through the example of Maria, we understand that we are never too young to labor for Christ. The time to persevere in difficult situations, the time to pray and to be an example to others, the time to work and the time to forgive is now. The harvest is abundant. May we and our children follow the examples of those who have gone before us. May we emulate the Saints and heroes of the Church and labor to produce good fruit. May we live long enough to make a difference in the lives we touch. And, like Maria, may we forgive, truly forgive, those who hurt and offend us.
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