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Snapshots and Video

Our priest yesterday gave a wonderful homily comparing snapshot pictures to moving pictures. He explained that he had just spent time with his brother and his sister and gone through his parents old family photo albums remembering all the great times they had growing up. He made the point that the individual snapshots showed happy times and times of accomplishment. Then he began to explain that when the video cameras began to be used, everything began to come to life. Memories not just of gathering for the family photo but of family members picking at one another while getting ready and some of the not so nice parts of a family gathering as well as the good times.
"The Pharisees saw things in video." He explained that they held the "sinful woman" accountable to every single frame of her life. They saw the bad with the good. Jesus on the other hand saw the woman in snapshots. He talked about her life in individual frames, the good parts of her life. And most importantly, he said, He wants to dwell on our individual snapshots also. He does not want to view the long video tape with the fuzzy images that distort and show the bad as well as the good. He wants to view those happy times and those times of accomplishment that show us at our best. Jesus in His infinite wisdom and mercy flips through the photo album and enjoys the good times of our lives.
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