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Happy Father's Day


Today is a great example of this weeks post on how we remember the past. How do we tell the stories we remember and how much do we embellish or omit depending on what we are trying to accomplish? Each one of the kids in my family have a slightly different way we remember our raisin'. I know that I was the model child and that my parents had no worries about what path my life would take but I couldn't say the same for the rest. Guess they'll just have to get there own blog if they have something else to say. But for now, let's get on with the Happy Father's Day wish.
My dad. I remember you working, coaching baseball and softball, playing cards on the den floor, playing basketball with us in the backyard, taking us on vacations (every summer, in the station wagon, 11 including Mama Jo), finishing the house right before we move (always building), going to business dinners dressed in crazy outfits, working Cursillo weekends (mom took us to the chapel during your talks), taking all of us to Mass together, going to visit your parents every Sunday, being there for our games, driving to Knoxville to visit the Robinsons, leaving in the middle of the night for Adoration, buying classic cars (gaugous), giving away cars, meeting for breakfast after Mass, watching your grandchildren play sports or act or sing, giving away, taking time with others, loving us and loving mom and loving our children. Happy Father's Day dad! I love you too.
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