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Happy Birthday Will

Today is my oldest son's 15th Birthday and I'd just love to know where the time went. At what I'm guessing is about 6ft.2in, he stands well above his dad (and my man not short). He's talking about things like learners permits and finances and working at the bookstore. How could this be? I'm sure I was just hearing comments from the neighbors about how good he was walking his younger siblings home from school and what a joy he was to have in daycare. Wasn't I just watching at Christmas while he was a jingle bell in the kindergarten play? Didn't he just play the recorder at the Spring Concert as a 4th grader? It must have happened when I bought him that phone for his 8th grade graduation. With his high school being out of our range, we thought it would be best and now look, he's getting so old. He'll be driving next year and just like his older sisters, I'm sure he'll go places without his parents. The nerve of these kids! Where does the time go? I am crazy about this boy of mine. He's a good kid.
As the reading for today is about Jesus staying behind from Joseph and Mary and preaching in the temple, I'd like to believe and I pray that Will can always remain "about his Father's business" as he grows. And me, I guess I'll just hold my memories in my heart and pray more and more each day that all our children will remain within the hands of Our Father and in the heart of Mary.
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