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Happy Birthday Sarah!


An avid reader of this blog, my daughter, Sarah, is 20 years old today. Again, where does the time go? Seems just yesterday we were removing her sister's blonde curls from her clinched fists. Now, this chic, I'm tellin' ya, is one of the most tender, caring young ladies you'll ever meet. Last school year, she volunteered at a retirement home and came home at Christmas with a pair of booties one of the old ladies had made for her. The year before she helped tutor children at a local school. She takes time with people. Genuinely loves being around others and catering to their needs. She's sweet. She couldn't possibly have an ounce of my genes but I wholeheartedly claim her as mine. I am so proud of her as a daughter and as a friend. She truly has remarkable gifts and talents. I hope and pray she persists in her goal to become a physical therapist. I couldn't think of a better field for her to pursue. She's special. Her siblings love her and her mom and dad adore her. She could never really have the kind of day she deserves, but I hope it's close. Happy Birthday Sarah!
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