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Changin' My Ways

I know if my parents read this title they will click on immediately, thinking "Finally! Finally!" but "Mom, dad, it's not what you've been praying for these forty-nine years." No, I'm not changing' myself just yet, I'm changing my writing schedule.
Just getting back from a big week with writers and publishers and editors I realize that I am spending less and less time writing what I need to send out to publishers and more time reading and writing blogs and making comments etc. After the workshop with Lisa Hendey, I understand that I need to organize my time and get more done in less time by allowing myself to learn how the free online "tricks of the trade" can work on my behalf. Right now I have a list of new mini bios to write for my Italian friends and I have a lot I'd like to share here and on twitter and on facebook about my time in Chicago and I have a few proposals to send to those who requested them this week. I do have these six children that God has blessed me with and their father that may like to have some fun this summer and I do have to sleep some time so I need to change my writing habits.
If anyone out there has ideas of helping me to change my ways and get more done so I can spend quality time with my children and my husband and still run the bookstore and write, I'd love the comments. But for now, on my own, I'm going to blog 4 or 5 days a week instead of 6 or 7, although while in Chicago I have hardly been here at all, and I will try to compact my blogs. Wish me luck! I'm changin' my ways.
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