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St. Isidore

I usually try to refrain from commenting on comments because to me if someone wanted to read more about the saint of the day they can read the comment for themselves. But today, the comment on St. Isidore deserves repeating. "Perhaps the truth which emerges is this: If you have your spiritual self in order, your earthly commitments will fall into order also." This coming directly after the morning reading from Acts where we see that Paul "traveled in orderly sequence" "bringing strength to all the disciples."
St. Isidore was a simple farmer who worked on the estate of a wealthy landowner all his life. He started each day going to church and talked to God during the day as he plowed. He loved to work with the poor. "Many implications can be found in a simple laborer achieving sainthood: Physical labor has dignity; sainthood does not stem from status; contemplation does not depend on learning; the simple life is conducive to holiness and happiness."
Now half my life I have heard my mother tell me that she asks God to order her day, especially when she has more than she can handle. Order brings strength. Order helps commitments fall into place. Jesus first. The rest just falls into place. Jesus through the day. More accomplished. Jesus at night. Restful sleep.
I had a woman come into the store and somehow we got to talking about Jesus being in control of our days and our nights and how with Him everything just seems to work. She said that she has actually only had time for a short night sleep before having to begin a large project, prayed that Jesus would give her the rest she needed and awaken to feeling like she had 8 hours when she had only had 4. Not only made it through her day but made it through feeling wonderful.
Isidore was known to linger in Church a little too long some days and legend tells that there were visions of angels working his plow for him so he would get all his work done.
Orderly sequence. Bringing strength. Jesus first. The rest just falls into place. Ever had those times?
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