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Our Lady of Guadalupe and more

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before, but Our Lady of Guadalupe is constantly requesting my presence. I know that sounds weird but I'm telling you I keep having these huge signs that she wants me to visit her or that she wants me to reread her messages or she wants me to acknowledge her more often or something. I have to admit that I have put much more merchandise in the store to spread devotion to her because of her persistence. When I pause for a moment, I receive a card out of the blue and Our Lady is on the front. My daughter got me a rosary for my birthday (hmmm, not from our store), and when I put my eye up to the centerpiece, I can see the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I included a prayer for persistence for our children in my mother's prayerbook because of St. Juan Diego's persistence. I now wear a medal of this patroness of the Americas. AND, last night when my husband came home from visiting our friend in the hospital, (I've mentioned that he went in last week suffering necrotizing fasciitis, lost much of his thigh and other parts, but started repair this week) he found that William had the tube removed from this throat and was alert and talking. He asked my husband if we three had been to GUADALUPE. I don't ever remember discussing Our Lady with him before but evidently while he was in a coma, we made a visit to Guadalupe. My husband couldn't wait to tell me the news. I felt it confirmation that he will, with continued prayers, heal. AND, the readings today speak of the uneducated men with a persistent message and Mary Magdalene and the two walking on the road with the message that Jesus lives but without a sign for His Apostles, they would not believe. Jesus had to come to them. Mary had to send roses and show herself on Juan Diego's tilma. When will I put aside over-thinking all the signs and simply believe? When will I learn to listen with my heart instead of my head? Signs all over! Simplicity. Jesus is alive and well and dwelling among us. Pray, seek forgiveness, be persistent in Faith, listen to the messages, trust and believe. From the most unlikely men and women, the messages are sent over and over. What is it she wants from me? Jesus, show me the way.
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