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Large Loads of Fish

Well the parentals are home from Florida for a while and so there will be much more work to do at the bookstore. Somehow, right along with the Gospel today, when my mom works at the store, doing the displays and telling us what merchandise would be great for which seasons, we seem to catch a load more fish. It's uncanny. And, she does things so much more efficiently. She can suddenly appear on the shore, point to a location and bam! a huge catch. Me, I work all day in one little area, pull in a few nets with one or two little fish and think I'm doing okay. I have to think, "What will I do without her someday?" So, today and every day she is around, I listen and I learn just as those disciples did with Jesus and I flounder around until the day of her return, then I watch and listen and learn some more. You think I'd write it all down so I'd have something to follow when she's not around. Well, how brilliant. That sounds familiar. And, just as those guys in the boat today, I'll be glad she's back to clue me in one more time about how to really catch the large loads.
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