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St. Maria Goretti

As we read the Words today we are reminded to follow God unreservedly, as in fully and without restriction, and to forgive from our hearts. One in the same to me. To forgive and to follow both without restriction.
I know today is not her feast day but this reminds me of St. Maria Goretti. Lying on her deathbed, she told the priest that she forgave Alessandro. Now can we even fathom forgiving the man who just ended our life? Then, she goes one step further and because he is not sorry, visits him in a dream and changes him forever. She worries about the soul of her attacker. He then goes and asks forgiveness from Maria's mother and she too forgives him. Now we're talkin' unreserved! From the heart! Following our God to the letter.
Today, we are reminded to forgive from the heart and in that forgiveness we follow God unreservedly. Short and sweet. Forgive - follow. Follow - forgive. No restrictions.
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