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The Feast of the Annunciation

The Greatest "Yes" in history. We have this figurine of the Annunciation in the store where the Angel is behind Mary and she is turned in fright. I love the show of emotion in this figurine because we know from the Scripture passage that Mary was frightened by this sudden appearance. She was surprised by the voice. I think the scene was much more dramatic than could ever be pictured. And yet, most importantly, Mary still answered calmly and correctly, "Be it done unto me." Some holiness! Some woman! One we can relate to as human. One we can try to emulate. One who fights for us as our Mother. One we should pray to daily in intercession. The Rosary is one of the most powerful prayers of the Church. Oftentimes, I am surprised by the power and yet, the more I read and learn about Mary's different appearances, the more I realize just how often she goes to battle for her children. Just as she was surprised by the Messenger, so too she sends the messages of prayer and fasting and repentance over and over. True words. Messages we can hear and may be surprised by and still follow. She does not come to frighten us. She comes for us to answer "Yes" and to focus our lives on Her Son. Mary's entire life points to Her Son. Her answer on this Feast of the Annunciation points to Her Son. Her messages point to Her Son. So, today, do not be afraid to answer "Yes" to Her Son.
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