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Favorite Child

In our family of eight, each of us would swear we are the favorite child of our father but truth to all, it's me. There is no doubt dad likes me best and Mike especially knows it. (They all do.) It's no wonder I didn't get sold or given to another family while we were growing up. (It would have been tough getting any real money for the likes of me).
Seriously, don't we all like to think we are the favorite? Don't we all like to think that someday our Father will clothe us in the finest garments? Don't we all hope that we will join him in the Kingdom? Just as in our families here on earth, we'd all like to be the favorite. Somehow, my parents managed to make us each feel like we were their favorites. I think that is a testament to their parenting skills as well as their spiritual lives. But, we are all favorite sons and daughters of Jesus Christ. How fortunate we are to believe, to have Faith! Consider yourself clothed today in the finest of His Love and wear it well.
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