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Works of Mercy

Today we see in the reading from Isaiah that God would rather see us perform works of mercy as a form of fasting instead of denying ourselves food and rest and wind up being cranky with our neighbor because we are tired and hungry. These Forty Days are more acceptable to Him as days of doing than as days of denying. Those of us who are action sort of people should love this challenge from God. We do not have to go far. We can find works of mercy right in our own family and in our own community. We can help serve at coffee and donuts at Church, be a Eucharistic Minister, make your children a snack without acting like they've asked for a miracle, visit a friend and take time to talk, shovel snow from someone's walk, or serve in a soup kitchen, go get breakfast for the "will work for food" guy, take clothes to a shelter, visit a nursing home etc. etc. etc. We can do something right in our own surroundings or we can go out but the request is to do. There is no ranking of quantity or quality. There is, however, mention of attitude, so with a grateful and sincere heart, I ask God to help me make this day acceptable to Him and in my actions help others to know Him.
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