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Today in the Gospel of Luke Jesus refers to himself as a physician. In Isaiah we see that if we are faithful to the Lord "He will renew our strength, and we shall be like a watered garden, like a spring whose water never fails." And, there's more with the Feast Day of Blessed Jacinta and Francisco Marto, two young shepherds at Fatima who followed the requests of Our Lady and as pilgrims flock to the site year after year, we hear their healing stories. Jesus heals. People line up at Fatima to touch the holy places, to pray the rosary. Just like at Lourdes, where they bathe in the springs that never fail and drink the water. It's all about believing in the physician; the one who can heal us.
I have to share at this point that yesterday I received a call from my father's first cousin, Agnes, who was looking for my parents to see if they happen to know what happened to Grandma Dalton's "Book of Recipes". She was well known for making sauve that could heal "most anything". Neighbors would line up outside her house with their empty Ponds jars and get refills of Grandma's sauve, for free of course. People believed in that pungent smelling, resin filled ointment and consequently, it healed their ailments. How connected that story is for me today!
Today, Jesus calls us to follow Him because He is the one who can heal us. Today we are reminded of healing stories. And as we are healed, as we line up with our empty jars each day for a free refill, as we venture to the most remote places, He will renew our strength and we shall become like that spring whose water never fails. Today, Jesus, the physician, heals.
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