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God Given Talents

Talk about extinguishing a flame. This morning I wrote this blog and just before I posted, poof! It was gone. It auto saved so I wasn't too worried but when I went to retrieve it, not there. I'm not sure who up there didn't like what I said but let me try again in a new tone.
I couldn't help but think this morning after reading the "mini" bio of Thomas Aquinas how fortunate we are to have his writings. His mother had his brother take him from the Dominicans and bring him home but he found a way to get back; to persevere; to keep his light from being hidden; to use his God given talents.
Today we are called to use our God given talents to the fullest. We may be great moms and dads and spouses, co-workers, writers, artists but God says to us today that if we do more, if we use our gifts to the utmost, there will be so much more. I know most of us would like to say that our plate is already full, but don't let life fool you. Our work is not given to be hidden at home or at our jobs. Share your talents. Search your day and your way. There is so much more to be given us.
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