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Blessed Mother Marianne of Molokai

Generally, I would have skipped todays reading of the saint of the day but since the making of our new St. Damien, the word Molokai caught my eye. Why is it that I cling to the familiar more than venture toward the unknown? Obviously, it's more comfortable to expand on what we already know but today this woman, who's parents came from Germany to New York, ventured toward the unknown. She not only ventured but brought notice, as the story of her life has, to what love, cleanliness, attitude, care and even brightly colored clothes can bring to those who suffer. Sometimes what God asked of us is to venture where no one else dares. In our back yard or across the continent, He nudges us. In Blessed Mother Marianne's case, she was not asked first but she was the first to respond. Today may we respond to His still, small voice and even venture toward the unknown.
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