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Here's to my mom's birthday today! Born and raised in East Nashville with two brothers, Joe and Billy. Homestead Road, Holy Name, St. Cecilia (8th and Clay), St. Mary's (New Orleans), married (Dayton with Bill). Plays, art, drama, sweet William, indian dances, hard times, good times, sandwiches, yellow page ads, apartments, Loveman's window displays, children, more children, Normandy Circle, Moss Rose Drive, Vaughn's Gap, Brookhollow, Sunnybrook, Estes, West End. Every Country imaginable and many States. Grandchildren, more grandchildren, St. Mary's Bookstore, and another, more grandchildren, fun, games, Naples. A woman of strong faith, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a great-grandmother, an artist. Jean, Nona, Mimi. Worried about all, feeds everyone, sends leftovers. Awesome woman. Loved by all. Happy Birthday!!!
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